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Canisius College has been awarded funding from the New York State Department of Education to support foster youth.  The Foster Youth College Success Initiative (FYCSI) provides direct aid to students for tuition and fees, books, transportation, summer college prep programs, tutoring, supplemental housing and meals or medical expenses not otherwise covered by a student health plan.

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Who is an eligible foster youth?

  • Students adopted from foster care after their 13th birthday;
  • Students living with a relative or kin under a kinship foster care agreement;
  • Students who have spent at least one night in foster care after their 13th birthday;
  • Students with foster care experience outside of New York State, additional verification is required to confer “Foster Youth” eligibility;
  • Students must reside in New York State.

FYCSI funds are available to all students, please note students are not required to be enrolled in the HEOP program in order to be eligible.

If you know of a student who may qualify for this additional funding, please direct them to complete this FORM and return it to Fatima Rodriguez Johnson at

Submitted by: Academic Affairs