Internships & Interviews

This page is devoted to the undergraduate Computer Science and graduate Cybersecurity students. It contains links to sites for internships and (eventually) tips for interviews.

Remember – start your internship search early. Whether your goal is to work for a larger company (Moog, M&T, for example) or the U.S. government (Naval Research Laboratories, NSA, for example) you need to apply in the fall of summer prior. If you plan to work at organizations like this in the summer of 2024, you should expect to apply in the fall of 2023.

My one piece of advice for internships, do not wait, start looking early, and attend career fairs. Also, you need to do practice exams for code tests. It is quickly becoming the norm to test candidates before hiring them.

Internship Exam Questions:

Here are a bunch of sites. These are for SQL related questions. So, for example, if you claim SQL proficiency on your resume, the potential employer will expect you to be able to answer questions like these.

Pitt Internship Collator:

A great site that puts ALL the internships available in one location:

WNY Career Fairs:

Consult this page to see an up to date listing of career fairs:

WNY Opportunities:

M&T Bank:

Government Internship Opportunities:

Army Corps of Engineers:

Air Force Research Laboratories:


DOD Stem Opportunities:



Naval Research Laboratories:


National Reconnaissance Office (NRO):

Sandia National Laboratories:

SOFWERX (They support special operations forces):


Handshake Opportunities

You need to hop on handshake and get creative with you search terms! A good starting point would be:

internship 2024 computer science

You will see that of September 1, 2023 – there are already over 60 postings for internships that match the search criteria for the summer of 2024. Start early!