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My Favorite Weather

By Kaitlynn | September 29, 2009

You know those fall days wear the weather is brisk and it smells clean? Well those are my favorite. I love when it is cold enough to cuddle under a blanket but not cold enough for snow!! I really hate snow. Anyway, I think that fall weather is my favorite because I have been playing Soccer for school in Western New York sense I was in 7th grade. The weather here is beautiful during fall the leaves are changing and the air is so fresh. I loved playing soccer and seeing the leaves fall!! Soccer is my favorite sport and I miss it terribly! I remember being freezing until game time then I was sweating.

My favorite is also the rainy days when you are forced to watch three movies in one day!! I love eating pasta and watching the rain fall. I think I am weird for that, but it is something my family has done forever when it rains.

Finally, I love picking pumpkins with my family. The cold brisk weather reminds me of picking pumpkins. We always tried to pick the biggest one! Our pumpkins are so huge I can’t even pick them up! Then we go home and carve them out. We pick the gooey stuff out  and by the time we’re done our hands are freezing cold and we can’t even feel them! It really is so much fun.


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