Greetings everyone! This marks the third week of the summer semester and we are one step closer to graduating. We have been extremely productive this week. Both Supply Chain Management and National/International Economy students had their first exam of the semester this week. State and Local Government students have their first exam next week, but had a project this week. I am in State and Local Government and this project was very in-depth. We had to run a Regression to determine whether there was a relationship between school district size and total current spending for school districts of New York State. We then had to explain our findings and relate them to a model created by Ronald Fisher. It was a very interesting project to say the least. 

I have also started applying for jobs this week. is a great resource that helps you find job posts you are interested in. You upload your resume into their database and they match your skills and qualifications to numerous job listings. When they find a job that you may like, sends you an email instantly. Using this site, I successfully applied to over 15 different places, and am patiently waiting for a response. I am interested in a job in the Finance/Accounting industry and hope to gain valuable experience to pursue bigger opportunities. As I write this, I am studying for an Ethics test that I also have next week. Our Ethics class is online and is a very interesting experience. Every week we post a thread about a certain topic that we are covering. Others comment on our post and we reply to them accordingly. I highly enjoy this type of atmosphere and look forward to the rest of the course. I hope you all are having a great summer and look forward to the blog next week!