It’s finally the end of my first semester as a graduate student!!! I have worked very hard this semester and I am happy to feel very accomplished at the moment!

I have learned so much information about differentiated instruction, creativity, and on how to use the Dimensions of Learning to enhance my teaching skills. I feel I have learned a lot of valuable information that will not only help me for next semester, but also in my future as a teacher. I am very thankful to be enrolled in this program at Canisius because it is one of the only differentiated instruction programs within the Western New York area, and the professors are fantastic and very knowledgeable regarding this particular field. I find it very unique too that almost all of the professors in my program are actual teachers at schools in the local area! It is so important to learn information from actual teachers because they know the most about what will really work in the classroom.

Even though “TRD” day is still a few months away, I am feeling very hopeful that I will actually find job offers this year because of the combination of my past and current experience at Canisius. I know that many people also do get job offers based on the fact that they have attended Canisius for graduate school because employers know that the curriculum and instruction is rigorous, and that students will be ready to be effective teachers after graduating from Canisius.  I will be preparing for the big “TRD”  day this year because I think I have a much greater chance at getting job offers this year! It is somewhat bittersweet though because I may be offered jobs, but they may be a little of a distance away… so I may need to make some major decisions in my life if I want to really have a teaching job right away. It is hard for me to currently move since I do not have enough money to afford to move and live somewhere else. I will have to wait and see what happens and make decisions from there… I will make updates on my progress as things move along!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Keep warm and be safe over the holidays; I will be posting again at the start of next semester!! :)