Well, that was quick! As of yesterday at 3:30pm I am officially done with my first semester of graduate school in the College Student Personnel Program!! Let me just say, it is going to be one well deserved month off from classes! I’m really not sure what I am going to do with myself now that all of my grad work is done :)

The end of the semester was very hectic! (as it is for everyone) Let me just give you the run down as I had FOUR papers due on Monday, and one final exam on Tuesday. Please do not let the end of the semester alter your decision in enrolling in this program. If you consider yourself an individual who has great time management skills then you will be fine!  I figured that it might benefit a prospective student to know the types of assignments I was expected to complete:

1. In the beginning of the semester for the introduction course, we were asked to create a definition for the field of student affairs.  Throughout the semester we learned various concepts and theories that have since altered that definition. Therefore for our final exam asked us to create a personal definition of student affairs, incorporating your newly found knowledge of what was learned throughout the semester. In addition, we were asked to compare and contrast the two definitions. (2-3 pages)

2. Also for the introduction course, we were asked to research a current issue in higher education.  A few weeks ago we spent some class time on creating a list of the “hot topic” issues in higher education.  I chose to research the issue of accommodating students with disabilities.  We had to include about 5 outside sources, utilize APA format and write 5 1/2 pages in length. In addition to the paper we also had to present the topic for 3 minutes to our classmates during our final exam time. It was very informative to hear what my peers had spent their time researching and their input in regards to what they would do about the issues. Some of my classmates chose hazing, alcohol abuse, and eating disorders among student athletes. All of the topics were very informative!

3. In the foundations of counseling class we were asked to write a research paper on a mental health topic of our choice. I chose the prevalence of depression across college campuses. It was interesting to research the various factors that attribute to students facing depression on college campuses.

4. Finally, I had a presentation last week from a chapter in our textbook, so this week I had to hand in my reflection from that presentation. This was the easiest paper as I only had to summarize the content and how I felt about the presentation in general.

Tuesday was the student development theory final which was a struggle because I have not studied for an exam since December 2011. TWO WHOLE YEARS and I forgot how to study! I’m 100% positive that it paid off as I knew most of the content on the exam! That was definitely a relief! : ) I hope you will continue to follow my blog and see what the spring semester brings!