Every student will agree that the end of the semester is truly a taxing time. The remarkable inertia of completing your last few assignments propels you into finals week. With each day being a flood of knowledge and information that curtails to a different class. This sensory overload, if you will, can be an extremely stressful time in the life of a college student. My entry this week will describe the negative aspects of stress and how you can limit your exposure to it.

Many scientific studies have linked the amount of stress you experience to the health of your body. Researchers have concluded that stress can cause horrific health concerns. From high blood pressure and heart disease to an increase in the amount of fat deposits within your body. Stress affects us on both a macro and micro scale. Cellular research has shown that stress can cause your brain cells to die and your chromosomes to unravel. This causes your memory to fade and advanced aging to occur. Moderate levels of stress are welcome, but too much can be deadly.

What is the most effective way to relieve stress as a college student? In my opinion stress is substantially levied when an individual has complete control over their situations. In other terms, you take these last two weeks by the horns. Establish a framework to study for your finals and stick to it. By having control over your studying techniques instead of randomly analyzing PowerPoint slides, your level of stress for the next week or so will be considerably lower. You will feel more comfortable and ultimately perform better on your finals. Use time-management to effectively create schedules for each study section and provide breaks in between. Don’t overwork yourself or that will contribute to stress as well. As the fourteenth week of the fall semester comes to a close, I hope that you will be able to minimize the bombardment of stress that is known as finals week. Good luck studying to all!