Tis the season for treats and sweets!

October is a tough month to stay healthy. You have pumpkin pie, chocolates and candies surrounding you 24/7, and it only gets worse as the month comes to a close. As Halloween nears the temptation of sneaking that piece of candy will be hard to turn down.

So how do you lighten up your diet without completely cutting out the candy corn? A good start would be to try one of these healthy Halloween treats.

A juicy, crisp apple with either a caramel or peanut butter dipping sauce is a perfect fall treat.


Banana Ghost Pops are another healthy alternative. After freezing a few bananas on popsicle sticks you dip them in orange juice and roll them in dried shredded coconut. Chocolate chips and raisins are perfect for creating scary ghost faces.


Even though there are healthy alternatives around the holidays it is ok to sneak a piece of candy here and there. If you are going to have a piece of candy my advice, as well as other health care providers, is to eat DARK chocolate. Why dark chocolate over milk or white? Even though the calories may be similar, the amount of carbohydrates within a piece of dark chocolate is significantly lower. Dark chocolate is also more filling than milk chocolate because it has a higher content of nutrients, such as iron and magnesium. Therefore it takes few calories to satisfy your chocolate cravings.


Maintaining physically active while consuming a low calorie diet will increase your chances of remaining healthy during this holiday season.


Happy Halloween!