I never realized how lucky I was as an undergraduate student at Canisius to live on campus in the residence halls for all four years. I could leave Bosch, Dugan or Village ten minutes before class started and still have time to spare. (Not to mention the wonderful tunnels protecting me from all of the snow!) Looking back to my undergraduate experience, I can’t believe how convenient it was to always be within walking distance to everything I needed on campus. If it was 1am and I forgot to print a paper for class, I could hop to the tunnel and safely head to the library.  Now, as a graduate student with class only two days a week, I thought it would be unnecessary to live on campus.  Unfortunately, the semester is becoming more involved, and my 25 minute commute from the Southtowns is starting to become very repetitive. Therefore, my monotonous drive makes me think twice about how much I miss the convenience of the residence halls.

I feel that my perspective and appreciation for students who commute has definitely changed.  I’ve found that you really don’t know how the other half lives until you experience if for yourself. I was unaware of how much time is spent simply getting ready for class. More specifically, your alarm clock buzzes a lot earlier, add the actual driving for about 25 minutes, and the frustration with traffic on the 90 and the 33. I must say I don’t have it all that bad since class isn’t until 1:30pm, but I find myself exhausted before class even starts! Not to mention, all productivity is lost once I leave campus, making it very hard to get any work done at home. Even on those productive days when I don’t have class and I want to head to the library, I definitely plan my trips to campus around that dreaded early morning rush hour traffic.

It has taken me about eight weeks, but I’ve come to the very sad realization that the days when I could wake up and travel through the tunnel are over. As an undergrad, with all of my classes in Old Main, it would be days before I stepped foot outside in the snow! My bones are already frozen just thinking about the harsh winter that has been predicted. (Yay for global warming!) I guess I better figure out my living situation for next year!