As a part of our Strategy Management and Leadership curriculum, my group and I have teamed up with the Buffalo Employment & Training Center, a local not-for-profit located in the UB Gateway Building downtown, in order to offer unbiased strategic suggestions to remedy some of their current concerns.

The Buffalo Employment & Training Center is a state funded agency, which strives to increase individuals’ marketable skills via various workshops, such as resume writing and job interviewing tips. Additionally, they offer funding toward the latest in-demand two-year and vocational programs. Their most recent grant will assist prospective nurses in obtaining their CNA licensure.

The BETC wants help developing a solution that will provide the agency’s success rate for any given period. An old and outdated swipe system provides the BETC with their number of visitors. Yet, there is no follow-up to reveal the success of individuals in achieving their goals. As of recent, this has become a problem since donators want to see their return on investment. Additionally, they are working to increase visibility within the community via marketing. They strive to become an option to those in need, rather than a last resort.

Our group intends to facilitate these changes by pairing the BETC up with local college students willing and able to create a website and database to track the agency’s users. This project will last throughout the first summer session and end with a class presentation, where we will reveal our strategic success.