It is official. I have never encountered such a project-oriented semester. The frenetic one-year M.B.A. cohort is in the middle of mid-term madness. Last week, we had our first Corporate Finance exam. Personally, I do not think I have ever stressed out more about an exam. Surrounded by students with a primary interest in finance, feelings of inadequacy can easily creep into my mind. Nevertheless, we got our grades back today and I aced it! It feels like a colossal weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Students in both Regression Analysis and Human Resource Management have a mid-term this week. Next week, we have a mid-term exam in both Marketing Management and Operations Planning and Control. Additionally, we have ongoing projects in both Managerial Accounting and Marketing Management. For Managerial Accounting, we are producing an in-depth valuation analysis of a real estate company in Excel. While I was initially dreading this extensive project, I must say that when I sat down today to start, it was quite enjoyable. Professors and professionals are constantly emphasizing the importance of Excel, so I am happy to practice these much-needed skills.

Since just assigned, my team’s marketing project is still in its preliminary phase. As a team, we are required to choose a product of interest that we would like to bring Western New York’s market. Then, we have to develop a marketing plan for this product. As a student concentrating in marketing, I am thrilled to finally get involved in a real-life marketing application.