There are only two weeks left in the first spring semester. Wow, is time flying by. The two classes I have been taking, Functional Conditioning and EKG & Clinical Stress Testing, have kept me very busy. The two courses are very different but they have one big similarity, a hands on approach to learning. Once we learn the material in lecture, we get up out of our chairs and actually do it!

Recently in EKG we have learned how to administer exercise stress tests. Being able to correctly administer a stress test takes a lot of practice. We are very fortunate to have all the equipment we need right there in Demerly Hall. Administering stress tests to my peers has allowed me to learn how to do it in an open and comfortable environment. With more practice during the next two weeks I feel I will be confident administering stress tests in a clinical environment. In addition to actually administering the tests, being a subject has also been educational. Knowing what your future patients are going through is very important. By being a subject I can related to what doing the test feels like and the discomforts associated with it. My experiences being a subject have helped me develop a better bedside manner.

In Functional Conditioning we have spent the past few weeks at the Koessler Athletic Center. During our first hands on class we spent time in the gymnasium where we performed various power, speed, agility, and muscular endurance tests. During our other hands on classes we spent time in the weight room. We learned Olympic lifts and other muscular strength and endurance exercises. We learned several different exercises and how to perform them safely and with proper technique. Performing these exercises myself and critiquing my peers as they performed the exercises was really helpful to me. We have a wide range of students in our class. There are people interested in strength and conditioning, physical education, athletic training, physical therapy, and cardiac rehabilitation. Everything we learned in the gym and in the weight room can be modified in different ways to relate to our personal field of interest.

I feel the hands on approach to learning is going to make me more confident and prepared for the internships I will do next year. It is also a lot more fun than listening to a lecture!