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By Jenna Lou | February 4, 2013

So I’ve been to a good number of open support group meetings for class between last semester and this semester. This attendance allowed me to get an idea of what the surrounding Buffalo community has to offer in the way of supportive mental health services as well as to learn how various groups function. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, an Eating Disorder Support Group, two different Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings and I will be attending a Survivors of Suicide Grief Support Group meeting next week. And there are two things I’ve picked up on that seem to be span across all of the meetings:

I’ve learned many other things from these meetings but these are the two things that stuck out most as they were evident at all of them, and I’m excited to learn more from the coming ones. It’s been interesting to see and hear firsthand the struggles that people in our own city deal with every day and what community support groups are doing to help them out.

With hope,

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