Canisius Students:

I’d like to formally invite you to sign up for our first Kairos retreat of the semester on October 25-27, 2019.   It’s a three day weekend where we spend time away together relaxing on beachfront property in Angola, NY at Cradle Beach Camp.  

So what do we do on the Kairos Retreat?

The retreat is run by students for student with the help of some faculty and staff members from Canisius.   You’ll simply get to listen to real conversations about real life and the intersection of our lives with one another. St. Ignatius, the Jesuit’s founder believed that we can see “God in all things” and that’s what many come to discover on the Kairos weekend.   Simply put, you’ll get to make some great friends, have some intense and moving conversations and think a bit more about the life you are leading as a college student.   Simply looking at all of that, are ways that you can find the spirit of the living God working in your every day.

But what if I don’t do “the religion thing”?

No worries.   We accept all people where they are, as we are all on a journey together.  Conversion to a particular religion is not the goal of the weekend.  Rather, creating community and finding space to reflect on the great mystery of life, is where we hope you can connect with what we do.

But what if I DO like the whole religion thing?

Again, great!  You are welcome to join us wholeheartedly.  Kairos is open to all people from all perspectives, religious or otherwise.  If you are a religious person, we hope Kairos will strengthen your religious faith.  This retreat, doesn’t presume that you are religious, but is based in the first week of the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius—where we simply concentrate on seeing God’s love for us.  If you are Catholic, some material will be familiar to you and you’ll hopefully see some of your faith experience in a new way too.   We ask that even the most practicing of religious proponents simply be open to the experience of others and try to see God working in those relationships.

How much does it cost to go?

We ask for a $50 fee to cover all your expenses including transportation, housing and food.   If money is a problem, DO NOT make this the reason that you can’t attend.  I will work out some kind of deal with you and we have a lot of scholarship money for Kairos.

What have others said about Kairos?

Funny you should ask.   Kairos boasts a 99% approval rating.  And we’re not kidding—that’s an actual stat.  It’s often hard to get someone to say a bad word about the Kairos Retreat experience.   Recently a panel of students at an open house were asked what was in their top 5 Canisius experiences.  Kairos ranked in the top experiences for the entire panel and a majority of the panel said that Kairos ranked in their top 5 life experiences as well.

So where do I go from here?

You sign up!   Go on the portal and sign in.  Then go to Student Services > Campus Ministry Events Registration>Kairos 64.

Hope to see you there.

Mike HayesKairosad_GOOD.jpg
Director of Campus Ministry