Here is an idea of topics and presenters for Fall 2012

Oct.2: Prof. Terry Bisson on Criss-Cross (a geometric paper-and-pencil game)

Oct.9: Prof. Terry Bisson (Canisius) on Sumptuous Squares (semi-magic squares).

Oct.15: Prof. L. Christine Kinsey (Canisius) on Star Polygons.

Oct.22: Prof. Mary Ann Harasymowycz (Williamsville N.) on Catalan Numbers!

Oct.30: Extra Explorations of Exemplary Examples (from our projects so far).

Nov.6: Prof. Harry O’Malley on random walks.

Nov.13: Christopher Eppolito on the Arbelos.

N0v.20: Prof. Terry Bisson, Puzzler session.

rescheduled for Spring semester:   Prof. K. Moran-Austin