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Successful “Recycle for Rhinos” Campaign

The students in the core capstone ABEC404 (Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in Africa) collected more than 2,000 cans and bottles during their “recycle for rhinos” effort.

The funds, along with a few donations, will go towards supporting rhino conservation efforts in South Africa by funding fly-overs in ultralight aircraft to spot poachers and monitor rhino populations.

Thank you to everyone who supported this effort, especially the big soda-consumers out there (you know who you are…).

Submitted by: Sue Margulis, Professor, ABEC and Biology

Recycle for Rhinos

The students in ABEC404, wildlife ecology and conservation in Africa, are raising funds to support rhino conservation.

Look for the “Recycle for Rhinos” cans around campus (starting around October 18), and put your deposit bottles and cans there. Funds will go to support an amazing person we met while in South Africa, who uses a Bathawk ultra-light to fly over private lands to survey rhino populations and look for poachers. Only $20 funds one hour of time in the air. It is estimated that three rhinos are killed every day for their horns, which are prized in some countries. Rhino numbers are plummeting; we hope this small contribution will help. If you have questions or wish to make a direct monetary donation, please contact Sue Margulis.

Submitted by: Sue Margulis, PhD, Professor/ABEC & Anthrozoology

Conservation Biology Social Media Takeover

The students in conservation biology have a lot to teach us! Follow us on Social Media for our week-long social media takeover! You can follow us via the ABEC or Biology Facebook or Instagram pages.

Submitted by: Sue Margulis, professor, ABEC and Biology

Conservation Biology Poster Session

Don’t forget the conservation biology poster session on Thursday, May 5, 10 a.m. in the Science Hall Commons. The students have worked incredibly hard and have a lot of sustainable ideas to share. Please stop by!

Submitted by: Sue Margulis, professor, ABEC and Biology


Conservation Biology Poster Session

After a two year hiatus, the conservation biology class (BIO322) is back live and in-person with our poster session. Come learn about small things that you can do to help the environment and support the wonderful students in this class.

Please join us in the Science Hall Commons on Thursday May 5, at 10:00 a.m. You are sure to learn something!

Submitted by: Sue Margulis, professor, ABEC and Biology