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Sociodramatic PLAY Centers


Education students in EDY 209 have field placements  at ECC #54, near our Canisius campus. They create and facilitate play centers for pre-K students that demonstrate their knowledge of early childhood development. These play centers provide lots of enjoyment and many opportunities to improve children’s  language and math skills.  They also provide fine and gross motor activities as well as practice with social and emotional skills.

Joanna Fiorella and Erin Tzetzo designed this bakery which was a huge success!

Submitted by: Dr. Nicki Calabrese, Professor Emerita


Campus Candids

Education students in Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood enjoyed a private tour of Explore and More Children’s Museum at Canalside.

They were able to connect pedagogy with real life experiences. Wrapped up in play, this unique museum teaches children the history of Buffalo, its’ magnificent architecture, its’ multicultural fabric, Buffalo sports, the significance of its’ waterways and other points of pride.  Canisius students had as much fun as young children while they ‘played to learn’ with the many exciting activities and hands-on exhibits. Everyone agreed that Explore and More is a true Buffalo gem.

Submitted by: Dr. Nicki Calabrese, Professor Emerita, Teacher Education

Playing to Learn

Students in EDY 209, Developmentally Appropriate Practices: Playing to Learn, went to Canalside to visit Explore & More Children’s Museum last Tuesday, September 28, 2021. During a private tour with the director of education, Val Drapeau, students had the opportunity to connect theory with practice. They were quite impressed with all this museum has to offer children and their families. It was quite apparent that even college students can play to learn!

Submitted by: Nicki M Calabrese, PhD., professor emerita, Education Department