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Dr. Harold Fields, appointed vice president for student affairs and dean of students in 2022, is a key advocate for student empowerment and environmental sustainability. In his dynamic role, he oversees a range of projects with a focus on equity, inclusion and sustainability. With a diverse background from five different colleges, Dr. Fields integrates innovative ideas into Canisius University’s framework, prioritizing student-driven initiatives. Notable sustainability projects include “Reducing Landfill” and addressing food waste, showcasing his commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

For the academic year 2023-2024, Canisius University introduced water filters in freshman dorms, aiming to reduce single-use plastics. Dr. Fields stresses the importance of this initiative, influenced by both student demands and his personal commitment to sustainability. He actively engages with the natural environment, inspired by the belief that the Earth responds to our actions. Dr. Fields supports Laudato Si’ and emphasizes the interconnectedness of equity and sustainability.

Highlighting the significance of environmental considerations in classrooms, Dr. Fields connects university projects with the local community, fostering growth opportunities for students. Initiatives such as the OZZI system for sustainable take-out containers and transparency in food sourcing through Chartwells exemplify the university’s commitment to sustainability. The transition to Enterprise for public safety vehicles signifies a move towards more sustainable fuel sources.

With a focus on championing student advocacy, Dr. Fields envisions Canisius University as a hub for positive change. His leadership aims to create an inclusive, equitable, and environmentally conscious campus, where students’ voices and passions drive transformative initiatives.

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Submitted by: Genevieve Fontana, USA Sustainability Chair