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Clipchamp is a freemium (i.e., free to download and use with some “premium” features behind a paywall) alternative to ScreenPal. Clipchamp allows you to record and edit video, similar to ScreenPal. The Clipchamp editor is also a bit more powerful than Panopto’s in-built editor, though it does come at the cost of being more complicated to use.

COLI has several videos on using Clipchamp, with more on the way. Check them out below:

Introduction & Overview – This video takes you through how to download Clipchamp to your computer for faster access. Then it shows your around the Clipchamp dashboard.

Recording & Exporting a Video – In this demo, we take you through how to quickly record a screencast and export the video to upload it to Panopto.

You can check out these tutorials, and future tutorials, on the Clipchamp Wiki page.

Submitted by: Tyler Kron-Piatek, Instructional Designer, COLI