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Cybersecurity Month Tip

It is a good idea to separate out your professional and personal life. On this note, Canisius strongly recommends that you do not mix your work and personal communications and online accounts. Per the Canisius Acceptable Usage Policy, we recommend that you do not use your Canisius Email (i.e., the email ending in for personal communications or as the contact email for various personal accounts unrelated to your work at the University.

Please take the time to review any of your personal online accounts and check that you are using a personal email account (such as a free Google Mail/gmail account). Use this external Email address for any accounts unrelated to Canisius University such as personal social media, financial/banking, shopping, etc. Share your personal Email address with friends and family and ask them to contact you there for non-Canisius matters. Use this personal email to also set up another form of Multi-factor Authentication for your Canisius account. You may want to set up an Authenticator App too, particularly if you are in a building that has low cell service.

For more information on cybersecurity, check out FoxPointe Solutions’ tips and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Secure our World page. Also, check out the Pedagogy Primer Podcast Episode 15, where we interviewed Matthew Gracie and Dr. Justin Del Vecchio, both cybersecurity professionals and faculty in the Department of Quantitative Sciences and the Cybersecurity Graduate Program here at Canisius. In this episode, they talk about prospects for Cybersecurity students as well as ways to stay current on cybersecurity issues and cybersecurity best practices.

Keeping Canisius’ systems safe is a community effort! When in doubt or if you have general questions, contact ITS Help Desk at

Submitted by: Tyler Kron-Piatek, Instructional Designer, COLI