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Classroom projector bulbs are surprisingly expensive! Depending on the model they can reach $400.00, and have a limited lifespan. Leaving projectors on, unused, for long periods of time burn these bulbs out, as well as apply heat wear on the projectors themselves, shortening the life of the whole machine.

At the end of your class, event, or other classroom use, if the projector is on, please turn it off. This makes a big budgetary difference, and we’d all rather the college spend money on other things. It’s tempting to leave it on if you think someone will use it later in the day, but classes are canceled or moved frequently enough that this isn’t as helpful as it seems.

Classroom projectors, as well as other classroom technologies are maintained by our Media Center, who are happy to help faculty with classroom IT needs. They have a great guide to all the classrooms on campus, which include instructions on how to operate each projector. The can also record a quick tutorial if you have questions concerning a particular classroom. Email for questions directed toward our Media Center (as well as other IT-related topics.)

Submitted by: Tyler Kron-Piatek, Instructional Designer, COLI