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Move-In Day 2023 garnered the attention of the local media, which came to campus to capture the first class of Canisius University students unloading, unpacking and setting up their residence hall rooms. Channel 2 and the Buffalo News also spoke with President Steve Stoute about the excitement of a new academic year.

Associate Professor of Economics and Finance Julie Anna Golebiewski, PhD, spoke with The Buffalo News for two separate business stories related to Buffalo Niagara’s job market. In an August 22 article, titled “Local Unemployment Remains Low,” Golebiewski indicated that previously retired workers “may be returning to the workforce following a steep rise in prices over the past two years.” In August 17 article, titled “Buffalo Niagara Region’s Job Count Rose 2.7% in July,” Golebiewski noted that though a lack of available workers continues to dampen the region’s overall job growth, manufacturing is holding its own, “which is generally a good sign of the economy as a whole.”

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