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Congratulations to the following members of our campus community who have completed the first cohort of our Leadership Development Program offered through Career Partners International. This six week session focused on key development areas including:

 Understanding the role of people leader,  building communication skills,  building trust and coaching for success, situational leadership and conflict resolution, time management and work life balance. 

Stephanie Masood-Marketing Project Manager

Jennifer LaVoie-Assistant Director, Admissions Processing

Matt Kwiatkowski-Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Lauren Kicak-Associate Director, Graduate Admissions

Matt Kochun-Library Access Services Coordinator

Ryan Grimmer-Library Collection and Discovery Services Coordinator

Mary Braun-Employment Manager

Dawn Rotterman-HRIS/Benefits Manager

Larry Tassini-Laboratory Manager

Matt Reitnour-Associate Athletic Director

Pat Clarke—Director, Athletic Facilities

Steve Ziroli-Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance

Kristen Saviola-Associate Athletic Trainer

Monika McFoy-Associate Director, Support Services

Bennie Williams-Director & Assistant Dean, Multicultural Center

Jason Francey-Director of Student Engagement

Tracie Barletta-Director of Student Health

Kim Beaty-Director of Public Safety

Matt Mulville-Assistant VP, Student Life

Mark Piatkowski-Associate Director

Michele Folsom-Director, Administrative Computing

Joe Snodgrass-Director, Facilities Management

Eileen Tally-Student Accounts Supervisor

Lisa Fischer-Assistant Director & Registrar

Maggie Burkard-Academic Affairs Support Manager

Mark Gallimore, Director, COLI

Julie Marzolf, Executive Associate

We will continue to expand our professional development program and will share additional information regarding other programs that will be offered through Career Partners International in 2023! Thank you to our facilitator, Lindsey Zajac, for sharing her expertise.