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Please join AM Lockport Toastmasters as they host their annual Spring Hybrid Open House on Thursday May 25th from 7-8:30am at the Lockport Family YMCA -5833 Snyder Drive in Lockport. Come and learn on how you can improve your public speaking, communication, and leadership skills. AM Lockport Toastmasters has been a Toastmasters Club for almost 40 Years.

How AM Lockport Toastmasters Meeting runs: The Toastmaster of the Day picks a theme for the meeting and members of the club helps out with roles they are assigned. We have member who gives a inspirational quote or message to begin the meeting, there’s a Word Master – picks the word associated with the theme, Grammarian – reports on both exceptional and poor uses of grammar, and Ah Master – counts ums, ahs, pregnant pauses and the use of other filler words, Quote Master – picks a quote to share with members and guests, Jester – selects a joke or funny story to share with members at the beginning of the meeting, Timer – keeps the time for both table topics and prepared speakers as well as evaluators and reports times, Quiz Master – Quizzes members on details learned throughout the meeting, Table Topics – impromptu speaking, The Table Topics master calls upon several members to deliver 1:30-2 minute talks on a topic announced right before the member is chosen, we also have three speakers who gives a prepared speech on their topic from our Pathways program manual and the evaluators give them feedback on how well the speech was delivered and improvements for future speeches, and our General Evaluator gives his/her report and evaluates the Toastmaster and the evaluators.



Guests are always welcome to join. For the Zoom link if you can’t attend in person, the link is on the homepage at

If you have any questions, please contact Erik Schneider at

Submitted by: Erik Schneider ’25 – Humanities Major/AM Lockport Toastmasters VP of Public Relations