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The Human Resources Department is pleased to announce that Mary Ann Langlois is the Employee of Distinction for the month of March.

At Canisius for 15 years, Mary Ann is the director of sponsored programs.  Her co-workers shared the following:

“For 15 years Mary Ann has been the primary point person for all Canisius grants.  She helps to develop strong proposals, navigate the crazy application process and supports Canisius faculty and staff throughout the grant.  She has a world of knowledge in the grant field and is a reliable trusted source to those of us lucky enough to have worked with her.

It is an honor and privilege for us at the Institute for Autism Research (IAR) to nominate Mary Ann Langlois for the Canisius College Employee of Distinction. We have worked closely with Mary Ann since 2009 when the IAR was established. Over the last nearly 14 years, Mary Ann has been an essential and integral part of our team, guiding, monitoring, supporting, and at times doing various aspects of our grant proposals and managing awards received. Most large institutions have two separate grants departments with many staff, one to handle grant preparation and a second to manage the awards once received. Mary Ann does both by herself and she is truly exceptional at each. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and she makes our work easier and better. Lastly, our work rarely follows a typical work-week and schedule and we often call on Mary Ann to help us on weekends and during holiday breaks (and occasionally on her vacations) to meet deadlines. Without fail, Mary Ann has made herself available and supported us to meet critical deadlines. In sum, Mary Ann is an extraordinary colleague and a pillar of our team, and she is more than deserving of this award.

It is my pleasure to write in praise of and with much gratitude for Mary Ann Langlois as we nominate her for the employee of distinction. Mary Ann is an instrumental in the support of faculty scholarship on campus connecting individuals active in grants both to grant opportunities as well as to each other. Mary Ann’s support enables our institution to secure external grant applications to both private foundations and governmental agencies to the benefit of our scholarship, students, and institution.

Mary Ann’s support goes far beyond her leadership of grant efforts. Mary Ann is always quick to respond to questions with helpful and insightful answers. She is a strong advocate for faculty scholarship on campus. She is someone faculty have come to turn to when there are challenges in the grant process and when we celebrate our successes. Canisius is incredibly lucky to have Mary Ann leading our collective grant efforts. She is conscientious, kind, and dedicated to her job.

Mary Ann also has made sure to reach out consistently to new faculty, encouraging them to participate in scholarship and make use of her as a critical resource. This allows new faculty to connect with a community of scholars who encourage and support research efforts.”

Please join the Human Resources Department in congratulating Mary Ann on her well-deserved achievements!

To nominate a coworker for future Employee of Distinction, click here.

Submitted by: Lynn Incardona, HR Associate, Human Resources