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Podcast Studio Upgraded

The COLI podcast studio is back in business! Shut down during the pandemic (for public health provisions), the studio is re-opened in Old Main with new and easier-to-use equipment. It is available for use by students and faculty.

Podcasting is a great option for student assignments and projects. These audio recordings can be a variety of formats, including monologues or mini-lectures, dramatic readings, or interviews. Students with laptops can easily record an audio file and edit it with freely available software.

The studio is also fantastic for faculty and staff projects, too!

The Digital Media Laboratory Studio has cardswipe access, so students and faculty can use it on evenings and weekends.

As part of it’s Digital Media Laboratory, COLI also has made available portable podcasting kits for loan in the Andrew Bouwhuis Library.

Email to discuss possibilities!

Mission in Curriculum

Click here to watch the Mission in Curriculum: Introduction video.

Several Canisius College faculty have begun a resource called Mission-in-Curriculum, which offers Canisius instructors opportunities to incorporate the College’s Jesuit mission and identity into their courses.

This website is a growing collection of case-studies, describing how different professors have tied their disciplinary content and activities to Catholic social teaching, the Catholic intellectual tradition, and various aspects of Jesuit pedagogy and spirituality. This is not an evangelical effort; rather, it grounds what we teach, across our disciplines, in social, cultural, and intellectual structures that are characteristic of Jesuit Higher Education. It is what we do that most other colleges and universities do not do.

Periodically, check back to this resource and see the new case studies that have been added.  Also, visit the separate sections on Jesuit Higher Education, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition to see and hear concise descriptions of what these offer. We envision this as a living, growing resource, so we anticipate making improvements and additions based on faculty needs. Feedback is most welcome.

Likely, you are already doing something in your classes that connect with these concepts, and may need to only identify them to students (which can help them grasp how their Canisius Jesuit education benefits them on various levels.) If you can share what you are doing, COLI offers an honorarium and assistance in developing a case study of your own, to be published on this site.

COLI Quick Tip

Videos, whether a screen capture or a monologue, are valuable for educating our students. However, videos are not immediately accessible to all students. This is especially true for students that are hard of hearing or students that are not in situations where they can listen to your video (ex, they are on a commute to/from work/campus).

Luckily, Panopto makes editing captions easy. Similar to YouTube, Panopto will automatically caption videos. However, automatic captions are usually not 100% accurate. This can be helped somewhat by making a request to add a custom word to the Panopto Dictionary, but even then you should manually check and edit the captions. Check out this video on Editing Captions in Panopto!

In general, to edit captions in Panopto, you:

  1. Go to the Panopto Dashboard
  2. Hover over the video and click on the pencil icon to Edit your video
  3. Click on “Captions” on the left-hand sidebar
  4. Click on the textbox you want to edit
  5. Make your edits
  6. Go on to the next textbox
  7. Click on Apply in the upper-left corner to save your changes

You can find this tutorial, and other tutorials on Panopto, on the Panopto Canisius Wiki page.