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Last week, the USA Sustainability Committee celebrated Earth Week by organizing daily events for the campus community. Here is a recap of what we were able to accomplish.

Day 1: We held a “Pollinator Seed Planting” in the Student Center Lobby on Monday. Dr. Malini Suchak, director of the Canisius Native Plant Project, helped us to organize the event. We planted milkweed seeds to add to our community gardens and provided information about their importance to Monarch butterflies.

Day 2: The “Local Market” invited small businesses in the Buffalo area to share their products with students on Tuesday. The goal was to encourage students to shop locally and expose them to more plant-based food options.

Day 3: Wednesday, Dr. Jenn Lodi-Smith and Professor Janet McNally helped to organize a Sustainable Period Conversation in the Executive Conference Room. We had a significant conversation and provided giveaways for students to try more Earth-friendly period products. We closed the day by collaborating with the Canisius Zoological Society and Canisius Art Club, having our first-ever Earth Week Extravaganza with t-shirts, sticker giveaways, and an upcycled project. USA Sustainability organized the upcycled project, teaching attendees how to make dog toys from old t-shirts. Toys will be donated to the SPCA of Erie County.

Day 4: Thursday, Phi Sigma Sigma and USA Sustainability held their second annual “Clothing Swap,” giving a new life to clothing that community members no longer interested in and discouraging supporting fast fashion brands. All the clothes that are not taken will be used to populate campus thrift shortly, “Griffs Thrifts.”

Day 5: We closed the week by holding a campus cleanup and collaborating with our Hamlin Park neighbors this weekend.

We would like to hear from you as part of our Earth Week celebration. How can USA Sustainability Committee and Laudató Si support you in achieving your Earth-friendly goals in the future? Please fill out the form here.

Submitted by: Genevieve Fontana, USA Sustainability President