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Streamline Joining Zoom Meetings


Zoom is making it easier to join meetings! The Waiting Room screen will now be the same screen for both the Waiting Room and if you join the Zoom meeting before the host is available to join. Note that the affected screens are outlined in blue.

With this process becoming streamlined, users will also have additional options for the Waiting Room screen, including allowing a video Preview.

For those interested in trying this feature out early, a temporary setting will be available on January 22nd. Click this link to COLI’s tutorial.

Otherwise, this streamlined process will become the default on April 22nd.

If you are interested in trying out this new feature, you will first need to be on the newest version of Zoom to use this feature. Click this link to see our tutorial on updating Zoom.

And click this link here to see our tutorial on customizing the Waiting Room Screen.

Stay tuned to the COLI Blog and The Dome for more updates and tutorials!

For more tutorials on Zoom, click this link here!