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Changes in D2L


This spring, you may notice some changes on your D2L Course Home screens. More changes are coming in summer 2023.

Beginning in July, D2L will no longer have the Tasks tool on the My Home or Course Home screens.

Also, the Role Switch block on the Course Home screen will go away.

Role Switch is currently available on most pages by clicking your name in the upper right. This way to access the role switch tool is here to stay, as it is more efficient.

Over the 2022-2023 holiday break, some minor changes were made to course home pages. These include links to the Canisius Cares resource, and the college’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement. While these are cosmetic additions that do not change how you use D2L, we think the are both important resources for our students and classes.

COLI and ITS try to balance beneficial change with managing disruptions to our community’s work. We also seek to keep D2L as simple and as efficient as possible for students, faculty and staff.

Changes in Qualtrics

In late January, Qualtrics is overhauling the library toolset within the Core Survey toolset. This new look-and-feel promises easier organization that better serves survey projects, especially in collaboration.

In preparation for this Qualtrics recommends users who have materials in their library, such as templates, questions, graphics or messages (thank you or reminder emails, end-of-survey messages) that are “uncategorized” to organize them into folders.