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Covid Booster Vaccines

Wegmans Pharmacy will be in Science Hall Commons on Thursday, January 26 to administer Bivalent Covid-19 Booster vaccines for students, faculty and staff. Vaccine appointments are available from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Please come to the clinic with your insurance card. The Covid-19 vaccine is covered by insurance (no copay) and available at no cost to the uninsured. Individuals must be 17 and older.  The Pfizer Bivalent vaccine will be used for this vaccine clinic.  You must bring your vaccination card as proof of receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine previously.

Sign up for your vaccine appointment here: Covid Booster Appointments

Submitted by: Tracie Barletta, director of student health, Student Health Center



Come Sing with Cantio Sacra

What is Cantio Sacra? Cantio Sacra is a small volunteer choir engaged throughout the year to provide music for various campus events such as: the President’s convocation, Alpha Sigma Nu induction, the Baccalaureate mass, and more.

When/Where do they meet? We meet in Montante Cultural Center every Wednesday from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. It’s a very brief and casual rehearsal but we perform at a quality level.

Can’t read music? That’s okay! Most church/community choirs are filled will people who can’t read music. We also have a strong and welcoming foundation of current members who would love to help you get started.

Questions? Email the director, Mason Cancilla, at

This semester we plan on giving a special memorial concert in May, marking one year since the Tops shooting. We would love to have as many members as possible. If you’d like to be part of this in a non-musical way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

First rehearsal of the semester is next Wednesday, January 25!

Submitted by: Mason Cancilla, director, Cantio Sacra

Change to SPSS Licensing

Canisius will be transitioning our college-wide site licensed contract with SPSS to an individual license plan.

College-wide access to SPSS and AMOS will end on October 31, 2023 at the end of our existing contract. Moving forward, access to SPSS will be available using individual licenses.

The decision to change our licensing approach to SPSS saves the college money, improves the workplace and scholarly readiness of our students, creates more equitable access to data science tools for our community, and recognizes institutional changes in usage of SPSS. This decision was made with input from ITS, the Educational Policy Committee of the Faculty Senate, and SPSS users.

Please know that:

  • Individual needs: Individual faculty, departments, and programs in need of SPSS or any other software can work with ITS and their dean to purchase individual licenses as necessary for the continuity of scholarship and/or specific pedagogical needs. Please communicate your needs ASAP so we can work to ensure the continuity of your access to the software you need. Individual licenses for faculty/staff are currently $259.99/year with student leases ranging from $35/4-months & $90/year.
  • Training: The Center for Online Learning and Innovation along with the IMPACT Center for Research, Innovation, and Scholarship and the Canisius Center for Analytics and Data Ecosystems will continue to provide opportunities for in person training, asynchronous resources, and personalized support in data analytics. Please stay tuned to your email and The Dome for announcements of these and other development opportunities. 
  • Coursework: The college offers numerous courses in data analytics (Undergraduate Data ScienceMasters Data Analytics) that, like all Canisius courses, Canisius employees can take to further their own learning. 


Submitted by: Jennifer Lodi-Smith, PhD, assistant vice president, Academic Affairs

TIAA Counseling Sessions

Curtis Cluster, a financial consultant for TIAA, is scheduling appointments from January-March for those who want to discuss their TIAA accounts. Meetings will be held in person and on campus, in the Bouwhuis Library Conference Room, listed on the flyer above.

Register for a specific session on one of the above-listed dates at or by calling 800-732-8353.

Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, executive associate, President’s Office

January Independent Health Wellness Tip

We often forget how important it is to take good care of our eyes. The good news is that most eye problems are preventable by making simple healthy choices, such as minimizing eye strain from our computers and phones with the 20:20:20 rule and protecting our eyes when outdoors.

This short article from Independent Health goes into more detail with several tips on how to best preserve our eyes into our golden years.

Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, executive associate, President’s Office