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The Human Resources Department is pleased to announce that Kathleen DeLaney is the Canisius College Employee of Distinction for November 2022. Kathleen currently works as the Reference Librarian & Archivist and has worked in this role for more than 16 years. Kathleen was nominated for this award by Matt Kochan and Kristine Kasbohm, who wrote the following, respectively:

Kathleen Delaney does so much for the school that goes unnoticed and this nomination will hopefully change that. As the College Archivist, Kathleen is responsible for every important document and artifact that belongs to Canisius. Whether it be Board of Trustee meeting minutes, or the presidential mace for the inauguration, Kathleen is called upon should a member of the Canisius community need items like these. Not only is she the keeper of these records/items, she can tell you in detail the history of the items. Where they came from, who made them, who donated them are just a few of the questions she can answer in detail. If you listen long enough she most likely will tell you the date that they were given to the school (she probably knows what the weather was like as well). Being an alum of the school, Kathleen bleeds blue and gold. She not only invests her time, but also her love for the college in anything she does. It is well overdue that Kathleen should be recognized for her commitment to the college and these reasons are why I am nominating Kathleen Delaney for Employee of Distinction for the month of November.” -Matt Kochan, Library Access Services Coordinator

As an alum of Canisius, Kathleen is well-versed in our mission and values. She is committed to serving that mission in her work here and in the WNY community. As the college archivist, she has a great deal of contact with outside individuals and organizations. She maintains a professional demeanor as she builds bridges to our community. This approach has led to the acquisition of several archival collections that are significant to our neighborhood, including the House Opportunities Made Equal (H.O.M.E.) and the Women for Human Rights and Dignity collections. These collections help to preserve the history of our community and also provide opportunities for students to do research using primary sources right here on campus. Kathleen is the keeper of College history and the artifacts related to that. If you want to know what year female students were admitted to Canisius, or when Old Main was opened, or where the plane crashed on campus, Kathleen has those answers and many more. She preserves official records of the college from the founding to the present. She is also the caretaker for the college mace, seal, and many other items. Kathleen attends numerous College-sponsored events and volunteers to help with those events when she can. She also attends professional conferences, often at her own expense and on her own time. Events and conferences are not specifically part of her job so this demonstrates her enthusiasm for her work and for Canisius. She cares a great deal for Canisius, the library, and the archives & special collections department. The work Kathleen does is incredibly important to Canisius. It helps us to know where we’ve come from and also to define who we are as an institution. Her work often goes unnoticed in our day-to-day busyness but Kathleen has continued to do it well and happily for the 15-plus years she has worked here. It seems time for her to be recognized for that work by being named an employee of distinction.” -Kristine Kasbohm, Library Director

Please join the Human Resources Department in congratulating Kathleen on this achievement!

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Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, executive associate, President’s Office