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Thank you to everyone who lent a helping hand on Thursday, December 1 at the United Way’s Service to Go project. More than 30 faculty and staff rallied in the Old Main Lounge to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Buffalo City Mission, which then distributed the sandwiches to families in need.

Pictured (left) Dennis Misko and Kim Venti, from Institutional Advancement; pictured (right) Jennifer Herrmann, Griff Center and Amy Beiter, Academic Affairs

Pictured (left) Erica Sammarco, President’s Office; (center) President Steve Stoute, Sara Morris, PhD, vice president of academic affairs and Karl Kozlowski, PhD, professor of kinesiology;

(right) Rachelo Lapinski, student affairs and Fatima Rodriguez Johnson, associate dean of diversity and inclusion.

Loading up the car to take the sandwiches to the Buffalo City Mission. Pictured (l-r) Erica Sammarco, Heather Mattiuzzo from the Buffalo City Mission,
and Lynn Incardona and Linda Walleshauser, from the Human Resources Department