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Upcoming Winter Faculty Development Week

The 2023 Winter Faculty Development Week (WFDW) is coming up! Mark your calendars! Organized by Academic Affairs and COLI, these sessions will run from January 9th through the 12th.

Join us for amazing sessions on teaching, research, writing, and more!

Stay tuned to the COLI Blog and the Dome for when the signup goes live and more information!

Panopto for Student Assignments

Have you needed students to do a video assignment and have been unable to view it for some reason (for example, because the student forgot to share the link with you or allow you to view the video)?

In Panopto, you can make it so that students can upload and/or record videos (the same way you can) to a D2L Dropbox. Panopto will automatically share the video with you and none of the other students. You can then use D2L to grade the video and give feedback.

The quick rundown:

  1. Create a Panopto Assignment Folder so students can upload/record videos to your course.
  2. Create a D2L Dropbox Folder. Change the Submission Type from File Submission to Text Submission
  3. Install into your course the Students: How to Submit Video Assignments and Use the Panopto Recorder Wiki Page and/or install this video that also shows students how to submit Video Assignments using Panopto.

If you would prefer quick video tutorials:

Create a Panopto Assignment Folder

Setup a D2L Dropbox Folder So Students can Upload or Record to Panopto

For text tutorials:

Create a Panopto Assignment Folder

Setup a D2L Dropbox Folder so Students can Upload or Record to Panopto

For more Panopto Tutorials, visit the Panopto Wiki page here.

Data Faculty Interest Group Meetup TODAY!

Join your colleagues for several interest group meetups in the Old Main Faculty Lounge!

Signup for these meetups and other Faculty Development Opportunities and Lunches here.

Today we have the Data Interest Group Meetup. This series will be headed up by Dr. David Sheets, Dr. James Goldstein, and Dr. Jonathan Rodgers. These meetups will discuss different ways to collaborate with programming, pair-programming techniques, SPSS alternatives, and more.