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Congratulations to the Griff Center’s Academic Achievement team, which won first place in the college’s annual Halloween costume contest! The group dressed up as characters from Disney’s spellbinding sequel “Hocus Pocus 2.” Pictured (l-r): Jennifer Herrmann, as “Sarah Sanderson”; Lindy Feider, as “Winifred Sanderson”; Tracy Callaghan, as “Mary Sanderson”; graduate assistant Victoria Cirillo, as “Thackery Binx”; and graduate assistants Andrew Fron and Samantha Ianni as “Hocus Pocus” kids “Max” and “Danni.”

The team from Student Life dress as characters from the movie “Cars.”
Pictured (l-r): Mat Mulville, Al Pilato, Sam Koch, Gabby DeRocher, James Mitchell, Elaine Mrugala and Sara Pisano

From the chemistry department, “a modern take on the Village People.” Pictured (l-r) Samantha Michlin ’23, Nick Gossels ’23, Hannah Rivett ’23,
John Federice ’23, Phil Sheridan, Brendan Davie ’24, Alexis Grassl ’24 and Alann Au II ’23.

Members of the Sports medicine Department dress us as different holidays. Pictured (left, r-l): Jake Hopcroft, Paul Andary, Andy Smith, Adam Mourgas, Kristen Saviola and Taylor Kenney. Pictured (right): Betty Jones

Submitted by: College Communications