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Guardian and Uprise Health Newsletter

October’s newsletter from Guardian & Uprise Health offers information about women’s health and breast cancer, proactively supporting your mental health, a digital platform for a well-being check and well-being scores, and other resources and events.

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Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, executive associate, President’s Office

Independent Health October Newsletter

Take the time to take care of yourself

To be prepared and ready for the challenges life throws our way, we must take the time to attend to our needs and recharge our emotional, mental and physical battery packs. Learn More >>

The best-kept Health Savings Account (HSA) secret

If you are among the 32 million Americans who currently has an HSA, you can earn tax-free interest on your contributions by paying for qualified medical expenses out-of-pocket and reimbursing yourself later. Learn More >>

Breathe easier by taking control of your asthma

When your asthma is under control, you can focus on living your fullest life. Since asthma medicines work in different ways, it’s important to know which ones treat symptoms and which ones prevent them. Learn More >>

Prevention and testing are key when it comes to HIV

HIV weakens the immune system and makes it difficult for people to fight off life-threatening infections. Therefore, it’s important to protect yourself from HIV and talk with your doctor about getting tested. Learn More >>

Recipe of the Month: Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

Combine the warm and cozy flavors of fall into this easy to make oatmeal bake. Your kitchen will not only smell amazing, but you will have breakfast made for the whole week! Learn More >>

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Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, executive associate, President’s Office

Copy Course Videos in Panopto

Do you want to reuse your previously recorded or uploaded Panopto videos but also want to keep the statistics separate? Now you can!

The quick rundown:

  1. Do a D2L Course Copy
  2. Access the Panopto LTI Link (or install it if needed)/Click on the Panopto link in the D2L Course Navigation Bar
  3. Do a Panopto Copy Course
  4. Check the video links

A few things to note:

First, the Panopto Course Copy process will NOT delete any videos that you already have in your Panopto course– it will simply add to them. You can even record and upload videos while you wait for the Copying process to finish.

Second, you can only do the Panopto Course Copy ONCE and it is IRREVERSIBLE. So when doing the course copy, please make sure that you have selected the correct course to copy from and that you are copying to the correct course as well.

Third, if you make edits to the original video, you will also make edits to the copy (which can be extremely useful if you use the video across multiple courses– you only need to edit the one video rather than each copy individually). However, if you make edits to the copy, it will not affect the original video.

Fourth, you can copy a D2L course with Panopto links to your new course and then use the below process to make copies of the Panopto videos. The Panopto links in D2L will automatically update, making it so that you do not have to manually update the links yourself. This will only work if the D2L copy and the Panopto copy are from the same course.

Here are links to the tutorials:

Copy Videos from a Previous Course (Closed Captions)

Copy Videos from a Previous Course (Text)

Zoom Auto-Update Feature

If you are tired of having to manually update the Zoom Desktop App constantly, fear not! Now Zoom gives you the option to Auto-Update it for you. Here are the steps to set this feature up in the Zoom Desktop App:

This can help you stay on top of Zoom’s rolling minimum version mentioned in our previous blog post: