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Faculty and staff interested in using the Dependent Tuition Exchange (TE and FACHEX) or the Canisius College Dependent Tuition Waiver for academic year 2023-24 are encouraged to attend one of the following zoom information sessions.  Information sessions are primarily for those faculty/staff who will have a new/first time student in 2023-24.

Session Days and Times:

Thursday, September 22 from 2-3:00 p.m.


Friday, September 23 from 11-12:00 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting

In the meantime, feel free to use the information below to start the application process.

First Steps:

  • Complete the Canisius dependent child application located in the portal under Human Resources -> Tuition Waiver and Benefits.
    • Select a beneficiary -> Canisius Tuition Waiver/Initial Certification(stop here if only applying for the Canisius Waiver)
  • Complete the Tuition Exchange/Fachex EZ application (only complete the TE EZ application for non-Canisius schools).

If you have questions regarding:

Tuition Exchange/Fachex contact Kevin Smith at x8501 or

Canisius Tuition Waiver/Dependent Child contact Human Resources at x2240 or

Search for TE/Fachex Member Schools on the TE website:  Every TE member school has its own calendar, including application deadlines.  Dates are available in the search option.

Required information to complete the TE/Fachex on-line EZ application:

Link to the on-line application:
Student full name
Student address
Student phone#
Student last 4 SSN#
Student e-mail
Application year – 2023-2024
Student birthdate
Employee full name
Employee title
Employee years of employment
Employee e-mail
Employee category – faculty/non-faculty
Total number of academic years – enter 4 (unless transfer)
Total number of semesters – enter 8 (unless transfer)
Filing the FAFSA – yes/no/unknown
Entry class – enter freshman (unless transfer)


Submitted by: Kevin Smith, AVP and Director, Student Records and Financial Services Center