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Campus Candid

This was the scene on Friday, September 16 when demolition crews brought down the rest of the Science Hall parking ramp.

The college is replacing the 70-year old ramp with a surface parking lot to better accommodate the campus community. When complete, the parking area will be well lit, provide areas of green space and integrate pedestrian and bicycle-friendly design elements.

Submitted by: College Communications

Leadership Update

Dear Canisius campus community,

After our short time together—a little over 2 months, if you’re counting—I expect you know that I believe in the power of teams to accomplish things far more significant than any individual possibly could.  You have also likely heard me talk about the importance of building diverse teams, in order to achieve the best outcomes.  In keeping with my commitments, I want to share with you a few updates related to our administrative leadership team at the college.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT), which is comprised of those administrators who oversee major components of our college and my associate vice president, has been expanded to include Bill Maher ’89, director of athletics, and Linda M. Walleshauser, associate vice president for human resources and compliance.

In an effort to engage more diverse voices and perspectives in the leadership of the college, I have formed the Canisius Leadership Council (CLC).  The CLC is comprised of all members of the SLT, plus individuals who lead key functional areas on campus, which includes Tom Chambers, dean of the college of arts and sciences, Tom Ciminelli, director of facilities, Michele Folsom, director of administrative computing, Mark Harrington, associate vice president for student development and academic success, Fatima Rodriguez Johnson MS ’98, associate dean of diversity and inclusion, Denise Rotondo, dean of the Wehle School of Business, and Nancy Wallace, interim dean of the school of education and human services.

Lastly, the leadership team of the college will be bolstered by leveraging the significant experience of two nationally respected leaders in Catholic higher education.  Sandy Estanek, will serve as special assistant to the president for mission this year, and beginning in January 2023 Fr. Joseph McShane, SJ, will serve as special assistant to the president.

I am grateful to every member of the Canisius faculty and staff for your efforts in furthering our mission, and express my sincere appreciation to the individuals who have agreed to serve on the leadership team.

My best,

President Stoute  

Dependent Tuition Exchange (TE and FACHEX) and Canisius Waiver Information Sessions

Faculty and staff interested in using the Dependent Tuition Exchange (TE and FACHEX) or the Canisius College Dependent Tuition Waiver for academic year 2023-24 are encouraged to attend one of the following zoom information sessions.  Information sessions are primarily for those faculty/staff who will have a new/first time student in 2023-24.

Session Days and Times:

Thursday, September 22 from 2-3:00 p.m.


Friday, September 23 from 11-12:00 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting

In the meantime, feel free to use the information below to start the application process.

First Steps:

  • Complete the Canisius dependent child application located in the portal under Human Resources -> Tuition Waiver and Benefits.
    • Select a beneficiary -> Canisius Tuition Waiver/Initial Certification(stop here if only applying for the Canisius Waiver)
  • Complete the Tuition Exchange/Fachex EZ application (only complete the TE EZ application for non-Canisius schools).

If you have questions regarding:

Tuition Exchange/Fachex contact Kevin Smith at x8501 or

Canisius Tuition Waiver/Dependent Child contact Human Resources at x2240 or

Search for TE/Fachex Member Schools on the TE website:  Every TE member school has its own calendar, including application deadlines.  Dates are available in the search option.

Required information to complete the TE/Fachex on-line EZ application:

Link to the on-line application:
Student full name
Student address
Student phone#
Student last 4 SSN#
Student e-mail
Application year – 2023-2024
Student birthdate
Employee full name
Employee title
Employee years of employment
Employee e-mail
Employee category – faculty/non-faculty
Total number of academic years – enter 4 (unless transfer)
Total number of semesters – enter 8 (unless transfer)
Filing the FAFSA – yes/no/unknown
Entry class – enter freshman (unless transfer)


Submitted by: Kevin Smith, AVP and Director, Student Records and Financial Services Center

Banned Books Week

The American Library Association is once again holding “Banned Books Week.” The week is dedicated to raising awareness of the ongoing challenges to books in our libraries – public, school and academic. The staff at Andrew Bouwhuis, SJ, Library have planned some events to mark the occasion.

On Tuesday, September 20, starting at 12:00 p.m. there will be a “readout,” during which members of the campus community will read excerpts from their favorite banned books, a tradition at Canisius that we hope demonstrates our community’s commitment to intellectual freedom.

We invite members of the campus community to choose a book that has been challenged, at present or in history, to read from, and to hear our community’s favorite banned books.

Click the following link for a guide to banned books: 

The Readout will be held in the Library Learning Center, and all are invited to bring a lunch.

Submitted by: Patricia Coward, PhD, library assessment and instruction coordinator, Bouwhuis Library

Flu Shots on Campus

Flu Clinics | Lincoln Park, NJ - Official Website

Flu Season is coming! The Student Health Center is partnering with Wegmans Pharmacy to provide flu shots on campus this semester, on the dates listed below. Please bring your insurance card to your appointment and do not attend the clinic if you are feeling sick. Appointments are available at the Science Hall Commons and the Koessler Athletic Center. Please use the links below to schedule your appointment for the appropriate date and location!

Canisius College Flu Clinic – (Tues. 9/27 – 9:30am – 3:30pm) Science Hall Commons

Canisius College Flu Clinic – (Wed. 10/5 – 4pm – 6pm) Koessler Athletic Center

Canisius College Flu Clinic – (Wed. 10/19 – 9:30am – 3:30pm) Science Hall Commons

Canisius College Flu Clinic – (Thurs. 10/27 – 9:30am – 1:30pm) Science Hall Commons

Submitted by: Megan Maslanka, CMA, Student Health Center