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The Graduate Admissions and Admissions Processing team: (l-r) Lauren Kicak, Ginny Shim, Jennifer Lavoie, Olivia Macdonald and Catherine Gaston

Three cheers to the campus community which showcased its team spirit on Thursday, ahead of the NFL season opener between the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams. If you tuned in until the end, then you know that Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw three touchdown passes to lead the team to an amazing 31-10 win.

The team from Physician Assistant studies: (l-r) Stephanie Snios, Jennifer Trillizio-Smith, Donna Anderson,
Aimee Larson, Christina Scovazzo, Sandy McKenna
From the Human Resources team: (l-r) Linda Walleshauser and Lynn Incardona
Marya Grande and students in her Inclusive Strategies class

Submitted by: College Communications