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The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Autism Research Program announced that it awarded researchers at the Institute for Autism Research (IAR) a three-year grant totaling approximately $925K.  The grant will be used to test a unique school social intervention for autistic children.

Addressing the complex social challenges of autistic children (without intellectual disability [ID]) is difficult and social skills interventions are sometimes used in an effort to improve their social performance and outcomes. Despite the clear need, few receive systematic and effective social intervention. Studies of social interventions delivered in clinical settings for this population have suggested some positive effects but the benefits rarely translate to school settings. Efforts to develop and implement school social interventions have been hindered by barriers in the school environment such as lack of resources, staffing and training, and limited time during the school day. As such, there is a need for feasible and effective social interventions that can be delivered by non-professional (paraprofessional) school staff in school settings, including as part of after-school programs.

Click here to learn more about the Institute for Autism Research and how it will use the grant to advance and assess intervention effects.

Submitted by: College Communications