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As previously announced, ITS is streamlining the Zoom login on July 7, 2022. This means all Canisius faculty and staff with Zoom pro licenses will login to Zoom using their Canisius College password, at the Canisius Single-Sign On (SSO) screen, instead of a separate password exclusively for Zoom.

The Canisius Single-Sign On (SSO) screen is becoming your gateway to all Canisius online resources. This means you need only one strong password, backed by multi-factor authentication.

A few other features are:

  • Go directly to to access your online Zoom account instead of going to
  • For the desktop and mobile app, you can login using the Canisius Single Sign-On (SSO), too. See how at this tutorial.
  • This change should have little to no impact on scheduled meetings, saved recordings, or Zoom settings. It simply streamlines the login process.

This makes our Zoom license more secure but equally important, it makes your job managing your Canisius digital resources easier. You no longer need to remember a separate password for Zoom!