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It’s time to start thinking about the annual shredding event.  Materials will be collected between June 13  – 24.  All materials identified to be shredded must be placed in boxes with the top secured with tape and clearly marked “SHRED”.  When the boxes are ready, please submit a Facilities Work Order to schedule a pick-up.  The Facilities Work Order form (not to be confused with a Facilities Project Request) is located on the portal under the Applications menu.

Shredding is reserved for materials that are confidential, sensitive or private in nature.  Materials that are not considered confidential, sensitive or private in nature should be placed in recycle bins located throughout the campus.  This event is for College related materials only.  Personal material will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Facilities office.  Facilities Work Orders will not be taken over the phone.  A Facilities Work Order must be submitted identifying the location and number of boxes to be picked-up.  We ask for your help with managing our precious resources.  Please collect all of your shredding materials before submitting the work order so we can efficiently plan our pick-ups.

Submitted by: Tom Ciminelli, director, Facilities Management