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The Office of Alumni Engagement is proud to announce the 2022 selection for Distinguished Faculty and Distinguished Seniors.

The 2022 Distinguished Faculty recipient is Shawn O’Rourke, PhD, co-chair, Kinesiology. This award is presented to full-time faculty members of the college who are distinguished for contributions to the academic world and teaching excellence.  Congratulations to Dr. O’ Rourke!

The 2022 Distinguished Seniors are:  Jordan Chatelle ’22, Alyssa Deacon ’22, Rosalia Sedano ’22 and Jasmine Thomas ’22.  These awards are presented to seniors who have distinguished themselves through academic excellence and leadership roles at the college.  Congratulations to Jordan, Alyssa, Rosalia, and Jasmine!

Submitted by: Sarah Sterzinger, assistant director of Alumni Engagement