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Canisius President-elect Steve Stoute has announced the formation of a Presidential Transition Team (PTT) to advise and support him in the early phase of his presidency.  The (PTT) will be advisory to incoming-president Stoute and provide him with recommendations for meaningful events and engagements that facilitate his successful transition to Canisius College and the Western New York community. The PTT will identify opportunities that will enable President Stoute to establish important internal and external relationships and expand upon his knowledge of Canisius’ rich history and culture, as well as the strengths, opportunities, and challenges facing the college.   The PTT will work in partnership with the Board of Trustees Onboarding and Transition Oversight Committee (OATO).

Linda Walleshauser, associate vice president for Human Resources & Compliance, and Erica Sammarco, associate vice president and assistant to the President, will co-chair the team.  They will work with the following members of the Canisius community appointed to the PTT by President-elect Stoute:

·         Tim Balkin, vice president for Business & Finance

·         Mick Cochrane, professor, English

·         Sandra Estanek, interim vice president for Student Affairs /Successor

·         Kristin Finn, professor, Teacher Education

·         Jason Francey, director of Student Engagement

·         Eileen Herbert, chief communications officer, Communications/ Public Relations

·         Jahare Hudson ’23, president, Undergraduate Student Association

·         Danielle Ianni, vice president, Enrollment Management

·         Caleb Long, HESAA,’23, graduate student representative

·         Sandra Miller, Sr. director, Corporate & Foundation and Government Relations

·         Sara Morris, vice president, Academic Affairs

·         Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson, associate dean, Diversity and Inclusion

·         Denise Rotondo, dean, Wehle School of Business

·         Rev. Tom Slon, S.J., rector, Canisius Jesuit Community

·         Howard Stanger/Successor, Faculty Senate Chair

·         Kim Venti, vice president, Institutional Advancement

·         Director of Campus Ministry (TBA)

·         Trustee Onboarding and Transition Oversight Committee – representative

A kick-off meeting for the PTT will be held today with President-elect Stoute.  He will officially begin his role on July 1, but the PTT will initiate its work this spring to prepare for his onboarding and support him throughout his first year. He has expressed his gratitude to this team and looks forward to working collaboratively with members of our Canisius community in developing a vision for the future.

Submitted by: College Communications