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Did you know that Canisius College formed what was originally known as the Bias Response Team (BRT) in March 2020? 

This team was initially tasked with creating ways to support our students, faculty and staff through investigation of incidents related to bias and discrimination. The team began by defining its mission and reviewing the community standards in place at that time to finds ways to reduce incidents of bias and discrimination. Over time, the team realized that the community would benefit equally from having resources available, including speakers, publications and other events that would raise awareness and promote a healthier, safer and more inclusive community. The name was officially changed to the Bias Resource and Response Team (BRRT) later that year, and it continues  to develop through monthly meetings, resource publication and events such as “Canisius Conversations”.

Stay tuned for your monthly “Did You Know” series supported by your BRRT. If you are interested in participating on the team or would like more information, please Email Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson,  associate dean of diversity and inclusion, at  &

Submitted by: Aimee Larson, director, Physician Assistant Studies