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The Institute for Autism Research at Canisius College is  conducting a study on the perceptual, social and behavioral skills of 7–12-year-old children diagnosed with autism compared to children who are not diagnosed with autism.  The IAR is seeking the Canisius community to help us identify their sons, nephews, or cousins within this age range who are not autistic and would be willing take part in a research study about how they perceive patterns on a computer

  • What’s involved?: Children will complete cognitive and perceptual tasks and parents will complete surveys rating their child’s characteristics
  • What’s the time commitment?: A single session to be conducted at the IAR at Canisius College
    • Child tasks will take from 120-150 minutes to complete
    • Parent surveys will require approximately 90 minutes
  • What’s in it for the child: In addition to helping the IAR gain important information about perceptual, social, and behavioral skills, each participating child will receive a $40 Target Gift Card!

We do have slots during the week of April 11 when many children are off from school but will also work around a family’s schedule.  If interested or if you have questions, please contact Dr. Thomeer at or call 716-888-3188.

Submitted by: Marcus Thomeer, professor, Psychology Department