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Advanced Zoom Tutorials

COLI has added several tutorials to the Zoom for Web Conferencing Wiki Page.

Zoom Live Transcript

The Live Transcript feature allows you to create live, computer-generated captions for your Zoom meeting. This can be useful for those who are hard of hearing and for encouraging students to take notes. NOTE: because the closed captions are computer-generated, they are NOT completely accurate and will require some editing after the fact. Check out the video tutorial here.

Always Show In-Meeting Controls

Sometimes it is distracting when the in-meeting controls, the menu of options that appears at the bottom of a Zoom meeting, constantly disappears and re-appears. By following the text-based tutorial linked here, you will be shown how to always show these meeting controls. This can help with related frustrations.

Submitted by: Tyler Kron-Piatek, academic technologist, COLI