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Participants who met the Canisius College challenge criteria of meeting at least 600 minutes of heart-pumping exercise for the month of February were entered into a raffle drawing for a gift card to the bookstore, and Laurie Hennessy, Administrative Operations Coordinator for the Athletics Department, was the lucky winner! Congratulations to Laurie for completing a total of 2,040 minutes of exercise, and a special shout out to the following participants for also reaching the 600-minute goal, and beyond:

  • Erin Robinson, Professor & Chair, Sociology/Criminal Justice/Environmental Studies
  • Susan Margulis, Professor & Chair, ABEC
  • Yvonne Widenor, Teaching Faculty, Fine Arts
  • Ryan Grimmer, Library Collection & Services Coordinator, Library
  • Monika McFoy, Assistant Director, Support Services, Griff Center
  • Rachel Massaro, Senior Admissions Counselor, Undergraduate Admissions

At Canisius, although we did not win, for those who participated, collectively, we moved a total of 11,582 minutes, and our average number of minutes per participant was 966 minutes for the month of February (about a 20% increase from last year)!

Thank you to all who participated in this challenge!

Please join us in congratulating the following Jesuit Institution Go Move Challenge Winners:

  • Santa Clara University for earning the most minutes for the month at 510,089 minutes
  • Saint Joseph’s University for earning the most average minutes at 1,467 minutes per participant


Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, executive associate, President’s Office