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Canisius in the News

Julie Anna Golebiewski, PhD, associate professor of economics and finance, spoke with The Buffalo News on Thursday about how the Omicron variant may affect job recovery in the WNY area.  

To read more on the Buffalo News, click here.

Submitted by: College Communications

How Did the Pandemic Affect Pet Acquisition?

Americans began experiencing numerous lifestyle changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Some reports have suggested that pet acquisition and ownership increased during this period however, a recent study published in collaboration with Christy L. Hoffman, PhD, associate professor of Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation (ABEC) at Canisius and Melissa Thibault, senior manager for research strategy & research for the ASPCA, may have proved the contrary.

To find out more from the study click here.

Submitted by: College Communications

Panopto Tutorials

You can use Panopto in your D2L Courses. Panopto is a Video Content Management System that allows you to quickly and easily create, edit, and share videos with your class.

You can add videos hosted on Panopto to your course in three different ways:

Use the Add Existing Activities Tool. This will be the easiest and fastest way to add videos to your course module. It will add a link to the video you select that students can then click on to view the video.

Use the Insert Stuff Tool. The Insert Stuff Tool can be found anywhere the HTML Editor is such as Module Descriptions, Activity Descriptions, Discussion Threads, and so on. This will install a YouTube-like video player into the activity or description and allow students to watch the video by simply clicking on the Play button in the middle of the video.

The final way is to use the Panopto LTI Link. The LTI link will allow you to access the Panopto Dashboard and use advanced features of Panopto, like the Panopto Video Editor. If you choose, you can also direct your students to view videos from the LTI link rather than putting videos in individual modules or activities. Otherwise, simply hide the module if you want to use the LTI link for yourself.

Bookmark the Panopto Wiki Page for future tutorials on Panopto and transcripts of the above videos:

If you have suggestions for other Panopto Tutorials, please let me know!

Submitted by: Tyler J. Kron-Piatek, academic technologist, COLI

Upcoming OFDC

Updated for 2022, the OFDC (Online Faculty Development Course) offered by COLI is for full-time and part-time faculty, whether new to D2L, or experienced with technology for teaching. This five-week mini-course prepares instructors to teach online and hybrid courses. The OFDC provides many practical tips for teaching online but more importantly, helps faculty explore new pedagogies for active learning, social presence, and community in courses on the internet.

Additionally, the updated OFDC offers insights on what Regular and Substantive Interactions (RSI) are and how to incorporate RSI into your courses. It also includes information on Panopto, Canisius’s new video content management system, how it works, and how to best fit Panopto into your courses.

The OFDC can help professors craft engaging, interactive online experiences for students, either for all-online courses, or hybrid courses that feature limited use of the classroom. This spring semester, we are offering two courses, one starting on January 31st and ending on March 4th, and a second one starting on March 28th and ending on April 29th. To RSVP for either, please check out the COLI faculty development events here. While you are there, be sure to sign up for our Online Teaching and Learning Updates Workshops and Panopto Workshops too!

Submitted by: Tyler J. Kron-Piatek, academic technologist, COLI