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Pictured (l-r) Bennie Williams, Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson, graduate assistants Mariama McCoy and Hannah Davis, and Craig Rogers

The minority faculty and staff affinity group hosted a happy hour social on Thursday, December 16 at The Rose Bar & Grill in downtown Buffalo. This affinity group exists to help support faculty and staff members from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Pictured (left): Bennie Williams and Stephanie Masood; Pictured (right): Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson and Craig Rogers

If anyone is interested in more information about the group please contact co-chairs, Wil Green, director of school and community partnerships or Bennie Williams, assistant dean of students. A special thanks to Fatima Rodriguez Johnson, associate dean for diversity and inclusion, for sponsoring the gathering.

Pictured (l-r): Stephanie Masood, Gwen Baggs Ito and Reggie Witherspoon and Yanick Jenkins, African American Staff Association, Buffalo State College

Submitted by: Bennie D. Williams, assistant dean of students, ALANA Student Center