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The Campus Culture and Mission Subcommittee of the Situational Analysis Taskforce is interested in gathering the campus’ input on issues currently facing our campus and suggestions for addressing them. 

We are using a modified version of the Post-it comments that the campus used successfully during the campus meetings on racial equity. We are using a google form survey that mimics the collection of “Post-it”  notes to allow people to express whatever thoughts or concerns they have about the broad topic of “Campus Culture and Mission,” which may mean many things to the different members of our community. We do not want to limit anyone’s ability to express their concerns and have thus left the topics very “open.”  Our survey asks community members to briefly:

1.      Share their thoughts on some aspect of the Campus Culture and our Mission by stating an issue that we need to address,

2.      Provide a solution or suggestion of how we might address the issue you have raised–a positive statement about how we might collectively move forward to strengthen our culture, community, and/or mission, and

3.      Share with us some thoughts on the college’s Strengths and Weaknesses in this area and the available Opportunities and possible Threats we may face (a SWOT analysis style response).  These comments will be helpful for our committee’s efforts, particularly if you can address at least two of these areas (S,W,O,T).

We have developed a Google form to collect the suggestions anonymously.  The survey is available at

For anyone who would prefer to provide their answers in hard-copy, written responses can slipped under Dave Sheets’ office door (OM 103) or left with Student Life in the Lower Level of Dugan Hall.  Because of the timeline of our project, we ask that all responses be submitted by January 4. If you have comments on multiple issues, please make multiple submissions of one idea or comment each.

Submitted by: David Sheets, professor and program director, Data Analytics and Mark Piatkowski, associate director, Student Life